Thinking of Zero Emissions

Introduction to Business

Cultivation studies and sales of the “QOOBU bacterium”, which our company exclusively developed.
In addition, the company has developed and sold a high-performance commercial kitchen waste disposal machine BIO ROBO QOOBU that performs fermentation and decomposition depending on the power of QOOBU bacteria dealing with kitchen waste that cannot be treated by decomposition or takes a long time to be decomposed.

Promotion of Products

Maximum savings of 97% of kitchen waste treatment expenses per annum.

Eliminating waste after one hour and not seeing it with the naked eye, and turning it after 24 hours into a high-quality fertilizer that represents an added value for us, as a work in which efforts are made to transform into a CSR company that can be benefited from.

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Supermarkets // Accommodation facilities // Restaurants // Processed food factories // Hospitals // Zoos // School catering centers, etc.

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