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QOOBU bacteria

QOOBU bacteria are one of the treatment materials that decompose and eliminate organic waste even among industrial waste, such as animal and plant waste, food waste, livestock manure and others by eliminating it into water and carbon dioxide.
Its effectiveness in treating and disposing of household kitchen waste exceeds all expectations.
The processing time can also be reduced when they are used in combination with superior treatment machines.

Characteristics of QOOBU Bacteria

At present, attracting attention as a biological treatment / Kitchen waste treatment agent It is based on facultative anaerobic bacteria.

Its activity is extremely high in well-ventilated and poorly ventilated atmospheres, and it is difficult to form blind spots in the processing tank.

As for the food residues, even dried cakes are decomposed and eliminated in a short time as long as the organic matter is the main ingredient.

It produces a less intense odor compared to conventional treatment materials (bacterial bed).

Surplus bacterial bed acts as fertilizer.

Live Examples

Tuna Waste Treatment
Successful elimination of tuna residues, which are characterized by containing large quantities of oil within 24 hours after their penetration.

Success in decomposing and reducing manure quantities, and converting the required amount into fertilizer.

Manufactured Food Factories
Success in reducing kitchen waste collection and transportation costs.

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