Thinking of Zero Emissions

Working on recycling circles to become predominant around the world

The Food Waste amount in Japan is 19 million tons annually.
By calculation, it is found that a Japanese person wastes two Pieces of Onigiri (rice balls) on a daily basis.
This is when we talk about the quantities of food waste only.
In order not to deviate our attention from this fact, we launched the Resource Recycling Business.

Promotion of Products

With considering the theme of “Eliminating the Waste Problem on Earth” we cannot avoid facing the waste problem. Since this is something that no one does not want to do, someone must dare and do it. Based on this sense of responsibility, we put in recommended the “Recycling Loop” and put it into practice.

The Possibility to have kitchen Bio-type Waste Treatment Machines

Strong decomposition bacteria have been discovered from soil bacterium, and we succeeded in cultivating them. They have become the highest quality among all bacteria, which is called “biological bacteria”. We are on progress of producing kitchen waste treatment machines that eliminates 99.9% of organic matters and dispose of them within 24 hours only. They are admired by many companies. At the same time, they receive messages of gratitude from everywhere.

Towards a cleaner future

There are many newly released products to satisfy customers' desires at full speed. They are not limited to optimal satisfaction of desires, even in their finest details. We have not even forgotten to make proposals. One of these products is the “household kitchen waste treatment machines”.

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